Delivery available for $100 USD

Put a Stand Up Paddle Group together at

After a safety lesson and basic instruction on the beach, we head out on the water to acclimate the paddler and teach the basic paddle strokes. Once the lesson is completed the paddler is free to explore the waters of Medano Bay and the Sea of Cortez.

We maintain supervision and contact at all times with the paddlers and have wave runners available to assist if any problems arise out in the waters.

GUIDED TOURS are offered Monday thru Sunday from   
7:00am - 5:00pm. Reservations recommended.

English speaking guided tours and instructions.

We also offer private and small group lessons and rentals.

Parking and lockers are provided with rentals.


$50 USD for 1/2 Day

(4 Hours)


$60 USD for a Full Day

Guided Tours 

$75 USD for Guided Tour


$25 USD for 1 Hour


$35 USD for 2 Hours

CABO SUP offers free lessons with rental. "No experience necessary".